2019 Platinum+ Invisalign® Provider

What does Platinum+ mean?

Dr. Lauren Olson is proud to be a Platinum+ Invisalign® Provider for 2019! An orthodontist's provider level is determined by their overall experience and the relative number of patients they have treated with Invisalign®. The levels range from VIP to bronze and doctors with the "plus" status have more experience with a given level.

What are Invisalign® clear aligners?

Patients who are in Invisalign® treatment have opted for their teeth to be straightened by a series of clear aligners. Each set of clear aligners gradually move teeth to the location that an orthodontic specialist, like Dr. Lauren Olson, have planned for. If you are a candidate for the aligners, Dr. Olson will create you a custom treatment plan using 3D computer imaging technology. Then, Invisalign® creates those aligners based on Dr. Olson's plan. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately one week before you move to the next set until your teeth are in the desired positions.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign®?

The only way to tell if you are an Invisalign® candidate is to have a consultation with Dr. Lauren Olson. Our consultations are complimentary and we also offer Invisalign® Teen, so age is not a factor. However, there are cases where this treatment is not the best recommendation and Dr. Olson can suggest an alternate treatment plan.

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Adult Braces

Adult Orthodontic Options

Adult braces are more popular than ever before. Did you have braces as a child and your teeth have shifted? Or have you always been self-conscious about your smile and want to start treatment? You’re not alone. Many of our patients at Olson Orthodontics are adults.

Types of Adult Braces

We offer multiple types of braces to suit every orthodontic need. Whether you’re looking for traditional metal braces or invisible braces, we have different options to choose from.


Dr. Lauren specializes in Invisalign clear aligners for practically invisible braces. Invisalign comes in sets of upper and lower aligners that you replace each week. Each set moves your teeth little by little until they’ve reached the desired positions. Adult patients love clear aligners because they are so convenient. During treatment, you can remove your aligners before meals, which means you can eat whatever you like! We will send you home with multiple sets, so office visits are minimal. Patients also report less soreness than with traditional metal braces.

Traditional Braces

Our traditional braces are efficient and comfortable, unlike braces of the past. In addition to standard metal brackets, we also offer self-ligating, rose gold, and clear braces options. Self-ligating braces come without elastic bands or ties. Instead, they use clips to quickly yet gently move teeth into position. Our clear braces also allow you to more discreetly complete treatment.


To make treatment even faster, we also use Acceledent. This device uses a strong yet slight vibration to stimulate the teeth to move. We’ve been able to help patients complete their treatment 50% faster than ever before!

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If you’re an adult looking to start orthodontic treatment, Call our office today for your initial evaluation. We can assess your orthodontic needs and determine the best treatment option for you. We look forward to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted!