What is Acceledent®?

AcceleDent® is an easy-to-use mouthpiece that significantly accelerates the speed of treatment time. Through a series of micropulses and vibrations, your teeth can shift into their proper positions up to 50% faster! This means you are on the fast track to a beautiful smile!

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Acceledent® is uniquely designed to make orthodontic treatment even more comfortable than it already is. Most patients report that with Acceledent®, they have less discomfort during their treatment time. With its efficient nature and comfortable design, there’s hardly a downside to using Acceledent®!

Is it safe?

Our patient’s safety is of the utmost concern to Dr. Olson and the Olson Orthodontics family. We would never put a patient in harm’s way. Acceledent® is a Class II FDA approved medical device that is extremely safe to use. In fact, it is highly recommended if you discover you are a candidate for it!

Am I a Candidate for it?

If you are looking for a treatment option that will move at a quicker pace than traditional orthodontia, then this could be the solution for you!
If you would like to learn more about all that AcceleDent ® has to offer, visit http://acceledent.com/. Be sure and ask Dr. Olson if you are a good candidate for accelerated treatment through Acceledent® or contact us to schedule your FREE new patient consultation today!